Tuesday, May 15, 2007

M’sian Workers To S’pore
Already Using Smart Cards

No long after I posted the story about the informal meeting between Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad and Lee Hsien Loong in Langkawi, Alex posted this:

Ron, for your information, tens of thousands Malaysian workers have already used smart cards to enter Singapore since five years ago.

Everyday thousands of Malaysians just insert their smart card into the slot, put our right thumbprint onto the scanner, in less than four seconds, the gate opens (if the thumb print matches pre-record thumbprint stored in the card.)

No immigration officer is in sight to check your passport. That is how Singapore clears tens of thousands of Malaysian workers and students everyday. Read here:


– Alex

Thank you Alex for updating me on the latest. And my apology to my readers on the unintentional error in my earlier posting. – Ruhanie Ahmad

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