Thursday, May 17, 2007

Joint Committee For IDR:
Shall We Have A Forum?

The latest reaction on IDR is from Renegix. He suggests that an independent group organizes a forum about FDI. It sounds like a good idea.

But who is going to be the organizer? Persatuan Anak-Anak Melayu Johor (PAMJ) which is based in Kuala Lumpur? How many people will turn up? Who will be the main speaker? Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad himself? Will Khairy Jamaluddin allows him to do so?

Well, may be you all can articulate this idea and suggest how to go about it. In the meantime, here is more from Renegix.

“Dy by day, I don’t know anymore how to say or react. I feel like I don’t want to come back anymore. But, that's the place where I have been born, making friends! And the same goes to all of us. And for sure, I will defend it! What had happened actually? Seems like yesterday Tun (Dr Mahathir Mohamad) stepped down as a Prime Minister, in a swift, lots have changed - the policies, projects, etc. Ya Allah, lindungilah negara kami. Pertahankanlah ia, amin!!! Why don’t you or some others organize a talk, forum or anything about this thing (WPI)?”

On second thought, may be it is an excellent move if my dear friend, Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today, is willing to organize the suggested forum. What do you think? – Ruhanie Ahmad


Mika Angel-0 said...

Datuk Ruhanie


We are still on the subject of the rocky relationship between Malaysia-Singapura and touching on 'Perjuangan'.

I will sound rather cold but I am not without passion.

Here in this blog we implied we are talking about values and human lives no matter how clinical or compassionate we try to be; but what are these values, really, that you are serving before me?

Rather, let us look at things from a different view point while still keeping things in perspective.
I see the things that is unfolding before us is akin to a lovely, deadly game of chess; and we are at the end-game in a match of wits between Tun Dr Mahathir and Lee Kuan Yew. Two great statesman.

It may be morbid but only death of one before the other will see if the game is won or lost between the two statesman. Indonesia waits in the sideline.

But what is stake, the grand prize if I may ask taht we wish to claim master of, Datuk? Is it a nation's honor and a rich region South East Asia as the prize? A region rich in natural resources and a huge market to flood with our capital goods? Or a world of souls to be freed?

Anyway, things look like it is more favorable to Singapura.

Would the untimely death of Lee Kuan Yew change anything?

Even if we are to do away with a weak 'king' and we should win but where are we going?

Yes, that is what is on my mind right now.

In another words: apa yang saya perjuangkan dan apa yang kamu perjuangkan yang akan kita perjuangkan bermati-matian?

Yes, silly questions of old, Datuk.
You may say that I need a cold shower of reality.

Let us leave it at that.

Ma'a Salaam

cyberprince said...

I really can't answer this question of yours. In the short term, yang saya perjuangkan adalah fairness and sincerity in the relationship between Malaysia and Singapore.

I have my reservation about IDR, but I am not in a position to oppose it. I am just voicing out my conscince which is very subjective to explain.

What is happening now is not the game of TDM and LKY. No. It is a game of a nation hungry for space vs a nation which has a weak, fickleminded and indecisive leader. His weakness and indecisiveness are so obvious. They are being exploited through subtle strategies of infiltration and persuasion.

The infiltrator inflitrates our leader's mind. The persuader works in tandem with the infiltrator.

The end results are dcisions and policies perceived by the rakyat [read the Malays] as undermining the aspirations of the Malays in the braodest term.

Like you Bung, I also want to leave it at that for now.

Salam takzim,

Ruhanie Ahmad

Mika Angel-0 said...

Bung Cyberprince

Let us keep it to IDR then. More meat to focus for my rather tunnel-vision disposition or blinkered mind.

To be fair in a debate there has to be the pros and cons.

"The end results are dcisions and policies perceived by the rakyat [read the Malays] as undermining the aspirations of the Malays in the braodest term."

Let us tackle the issues that is subjective, then.

Alhamdulillah and good that Bung got to splitting the hair in the right direction, in a sense, with regards to the newer posting on the hide-n-seek IRDA committee.

I am not experienced in the nature and matter of Legislative and Judiciary. I know I am blown to bits with the Administrative. There is where I would appreciate your take on the first twins.

For starters, I am very much for IDR but more on the International Islamic nations versus the China and Euro-American way. We are after all desirous to be the Halal Hub. Shouldn't that begs the participation of the Islamic Nations more than Singapura. In a crude way, Singapura is a sekangkang kera and the 'khadam parsi'. (I would rather talk to the capo d tutti frutti than his hitman: "if I am faster and smarter I hit the capo crappo instead").

As for the physical development it is mor secondary. We can have hundreds of masjids and suraus or UIAs or Istanas or none; and electric powered - nuclear of solar generated, for example. Physical.

But the rationale or raison d'etre for just Singapura's participation is where we should begin I guess.

Why are we so in a hurry or are we?
Why do we need their money which they 'made from us'?

Perhaps, bizinillah, we can get to the 'percieved' thoughts - with real records of past doings to indicate reasonable doubt or probabality - of those we say are the agent provocatuers and try to dismantle them and understand them. Even if alot has been said i do suspect they are mere allegations. (For I would like to see the images of KJ in Las Vegas while Johor was in New Orleans - that sort of things)

And then we would have done a better job of arguing our case.

Hey, when we are speking the truth why be afraid? And you can be discreet like a statesman if you want or just cynical, Bung.

I say that: If I want to sell the country than why not to the highest bidder?