Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tun Musa Hitam Is Best For C’wealth SG
Afifuddin or Toyad Are Best Alternatives

Tun Musa Hitam is today being quoted by the that he declined to take up the post of Commonwealth Secretary-General based in London because “he had other work commitments and he wanted to spend time with his family.”

I hope Tun Musa’s decision is not final as yet. It is so because he is the only one in Malaysia who has had vast knowledge and experience in dealing with the Commonwealth.

Here are his track records: Chairman of the Malaysian Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) in early 80s; Chairman of the Commonwealth Observer Group to the Malawi general election in 1994; A members of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group to look into violations of Commonwealth’s fundamental principles such as respect for democracy and human rights; The Malaysian Special Ambassador to the United Nations in middle 1980s.

But, if Tun Musa had really declined the offer for the post of a roving ambassador of the Commonwealth, the next appropriate candidate from Malaysia, to my mind, is Datuk Afifuddin Haji Omar, former Deputy Minister of Finance and currently a member of the Kedah State Legislative Assembly.

Datuk Afifuddin has led the Malaysian CPA for many years and was also a committee member of the CPA International for three years. He is also a well-known figure within the ASEAN Inter Parliamentary Organization (AIPO) and International Parliamentary Union (IPU). The only shortcoming is that Datuk Afifuddin has never held any full ministerial post.

This being the case, Malaysia is left with one more alternative - Datuk Leo Michael Toyad – former deputy Foreign Minister and former Minister of Tourism. Datuk Toyad is of similar caliber and experience in international organizations as Datuk Afifuddin, except that he has never represented Malaysian in the CPA international. His long years in the Foreign Ministry, however, is an asset worth considering. – Ruhanie Ahmad


Oranglam said...

If they're looking for someone in the current line-up and popular, they should choose Johari Baharum.

cyberprince said...

Oranglam [Orang Dalam?]

Well, if that is your choice, please nominate him.

Anyway, thanks for the visit.


Aishah said...

Why are you considering Politicians only? Why not others.

How about Tan Sri Razali Ismail? He is an experienced career diplomat who even assumed the President of UN General Assembly.

Also consider Tan Sri Halim Ali. A former career diplomat, he had an illustrious carrer in the Civil Service retiring as the Chief Secretary to Government (also Cabinet Secretary, an ex officio position).

If you insist on a politician, why not Tan Sri Dr. Abu Hassan Omar. He was a Minister of Foreign Affairs once and a British graduate (Hull).