Saturday, April 21, 2007

Even The BN Backbenchers
Didn’t Get The True Answer?

The Sun yesterday reported that Deputy Minister In The Prime Minister’s Department, Datuk Abdul Rahman Suliman, had slammed two members of the BN Backbenchers for doubting the country’s economic performance.

According to the Sun, two BN Backbenchers - Lau Yeng Peng [BN-Puchong] and Datuk Chor Chee Heung [BN-Alor Star] – “have questioned the government's economic indicators and expressed disappointment that the grassroots are not benefiting from domestic economic development.”

But, the doubts raised during parliamentary question time on Thursday, were met with a retort by Datuk Abdul Raman, who said: "Your question is twisted."

Abdul Raman said: "We give accurate information (on the economy) ... but there are still (people) who accuse the government of play-acting (bersandiwara)".

In a supplementary question in Parliament today, Lau asked how the government was dealing with the eroding confidence of the people on the economy, and the steps taken to convince the people that the economy was doing well.

Chor, in another supplementary question, said the Ninth Malaysia Plan (9MP) has been implemented but "the grassroots are complaining that they don't gain anything from the projects".

"If (the economic development) is so good as you claimed in your answer, then why are the grassroots saying no (development)?" he asked.

"They say (domestic) consumption and businesses are low. I want to know why the impact (of the 9MP) has not gone down to the people?"

Questions being raised by MPs in the Dewan Rakyat are questions representing the “hearts and souls” of the people. The MPs, as elected representatives of the rakyat, have every right to know the truth about anything. After all, the Dewan Rakyat is accountable to the people. And, seeking the truth in the Dewan Rakyat is not a sin at all!

So, how on earth did Datuk Abdul Rahman get the idea that the two BN MPs were making accusations against the government, when in actual fact, they were only seeking the right answers to the current economic situation in Malaysia?

To me, this is a dangerous trend. If this continues, is it wrong if the rakyat will say that the slogan cemerlang, gemilang dan terbilang, as being propogated by the current leadership, is only an empty propaganda? – Ruhanie Ahmad

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