Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Cyberprince And I:
(A Mission Statement)

I created as my special blogsphere for social and current affairs - particularly about politics and economics - according to my personal viewpoint as a private citizen of Malaysia.

This blog will also publish my personal journal - The Life Of A Kampung Boy - on a weekly basis, focusing on various topics, including my childhood during the British colonial era, my schooling days in the early independence period, my life as a student in England, my 10-year experience as a newspaper man, my turbulent days of 14 years as a member of parliament, as well as my present life as an active and independent blogger, striving to contribute to the development of the ever evolving cyber democracy in Malaysia.

I have to forewarn surfers to this blogsphre that English is not my mother tongue. I started learning English when I entered a lower secondary school at the age of 13, in 1961. Prior to that I was a pupil in a Malay medium primary school in a remote village of Batu Pahat, Johore. So, my proficiency in English might be of no match to yours. However, I also have quite a good command of Mandarin and spoken Javanese and Japanese.

I started blogging in mid-06. Currently I own three other blogs - two in Malay and one English. The first two are dedicated to socio-politics and economics. The one in English is about international geopolitics, particularly about the war on terror.

Please feel free to post your comments, viewpoints, thoughts and observations to this blogsphere. However, ethics and disciplines in writing are of great significance here. - Ruhanie Ahmad


The Eugenist said...


Dear Datuk, congratulations on your third blog..It gives new dimensions to your opinions, thoughts as well as your insight on the current issues that has been going around lately..

p.s - Datuk, english saya pun tak berapa bagus, tapi bagi saya, saya bedal aje.. we learn from mistakes tok...

Salam hormat..


cyberprince said...

Thank you. Got your sms this morning. The puisis was written in 1969 mind you.

Thank you