Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome To Malaysia
Mr. Whoever You Are

A blogger friend of mine alerted me today of the news item below. He said I must voice out my concern about what the PM had said last night. I assured him, I will do it. But, before that, you have to read this:

Don't Restrict The Entry
Of Skilled Workers, Says PM

KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 (Bernama) -- Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Malaysia should not "overly restrict" the entry of skilled workers particularly in strategic sectors as it could actually bring benefit to the country.

The Prime Minister said he believes the Malaysian working population will benefit from having greater interaction with foreign talent.

"Indeed, we can only improve ourselves if we work and learn with talented others," he said in his address "Looking Back, Forging Ahead: 50 Years of Business in Malaysia" at the Kuala Lumpur Business Club dinner, here.

To get the skilled workers, he said, Malaysia should facilitate skilled foreign students to stay on after graduating.

Abdullah said Malaysia must benefit from the globalised flow of human capital.

"I believe that Malaysian professionals can hold their own amongst the global talent pool and that they remain the employees of choice by businesses in Malaysia.

"This does not necessarily conflict with a policy of drawing more foreign knowledge workers to our shores," he said.

June 14, 2007

A very happy news indeed. Foreign professionals, welcome to Malaysia, truly Asia. In the name of globalization, our beloved PM has just issued an order – Malaysia should not "overly restrict" the entry of skilled workers, particularly in strategic sectors as it could actually bring benefit to the country.

If you need my opinion, the best place for you is the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in south Johore. You can stay in Singapore and work in IDR. No problem. You can just use a smart card to daily commute to this sovereign land!

And, please don’t worry about us. We know that some of us [about a few thousands actually] are still unemployed. But, that is our problem. We Malaysians, especially the Malays, have our kampungs to go back to. There, we can plant kacang panjang or even jaga lembu, just like the cowboys in the early days of America.

Friends, Malaysians and countrymen. Please lend your loyalty and support to our PM. He is brilliant, extremely brilliant. His thinking is out-of-the-box, progressive and pragmatic. We must return him to power with a landslide victory in the coming general elections rumoured to be in August 2007. We need him for at least five more terms! – Ruhanie Ahmad


Eeru Jiwa said...

You are a true Malay man.

When you speak a word, you mean it for something else.

Why do you want us to vote him back to his office, whislt we don't even have a job. I spent nearly RM150 k studying in the UK university, I can't get a god job here, I am a Malay who has no one in the government, no one close.

If I do have, I am not an UMNO party member, I am not even a member of any political party of the country. So what, do I need to be a n UMNO member and for what reason?

cyberprince said...

Eeru Jiwa

Thank you.

So, you fully understood what I meant. In Malay there is a saying, dagang lalu ditanakkan, kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah mati kelaparan, ayam di kepok mati kebuluran, itik di air mati kehausan!!

You remember that saying? Of course!! This is what is happening now. People like you are to be driven back to the hulu, if you have a kampung. If not, please do what is necssary to be done. Good luck.

My sympathy is with you and that is why I posted the news and comment.

Ruhanie Ahmad

zorro said...

Happy Fathers Day, Datuk Ron.

zorro said...

Pak Lah said: Malaysia should not overly restrict the entry of skill workers.

I have a cousin who married a philippina dental is close to 15 years now and she still cannot get a PR. Can we buy PR?

cyberprince said...

Cikgu Zorro:

Thank you. Happy Father's Day to you too.

Abput your cousin's spouse, the law in Malaysia says [this according to my exprince working in KDN and hopefully the law not being ammended] an alien can be considered for PR after he/she stays for a minimum of 10 solid years [365 daysx10 years] in Malaysia.

My best advice Cikgu, is to get your cousin to find out from the National Registration Office about this.

There is a form to be filled up. The best approach is to get the application being rejected because after that the applicant is given the chance to appeal. And the appeal can be sponsored by anyone with political clout.

Please don't take my words in total. Counter check it with the NRD. Hope this will help.


Ruhanie Ahmad

zorro said...

The application was rejected a couple of times. Their answer: Tungu. I even got the Deputy Minister of Home Affairs involved i.e. Tan Chai Hoe..still no action. I hate asking favors like these because I do not want to be indebted. Worst is she cannot hold a job, and her skill is in demand. Anyway Datuk Ron, forget it. Tks for your advice. See you.

Nazra Z. said...

Your blog is very amusing yet informative for someone like me who's not in Malaysia currently (but I'm a Malaysian).

p/s: Many years ago I used to meet you a lot and I called you Uncle Ron. Heheh.

cyberprince said...

Saudara Nazra

Thank you and welcome to cyberprince.

I am not to guess who you are. If you care to refresh my memory, I will definitely remember you. But, my intuition told me you are Zainal Sikum's son. If you are, salam to your dad and mum.

And here is my email: Please email me about yourself and other details you want me to have.

Salam takzim dari Malaysia,

Ruhanie Ahmad

Hamizi said...

I will further my study in MBA at the local U starting this July as a part time student... And few weeks ago I was busy looking for study loan...

MARA informed me that they do not give loan to part time student, PTPTN only give up to Bachelor Degree and same goes to JPA... EPF too complicated with so many requirements....

So, then I look into local bank... But they only offer personal loan with 12% interest per annum... for me, it is damn high...

So, I look into Bank Rakyat & Bank Islam (the interest rate around 50% less than others)... Bank Rakyat only more favour to government servant and need a guarantor for such a small amount... Then, I apply with Bank Islam last week... The customer service agreed hat all my documents were sufficient and wanted to offer me to the maximum amount of loan... Today, when I called the bank for the update status, they inform that the company I working now are not meeting their requirements which normally PUBLIC LISTED COMPANY...

So, now I need to borrow from my family... It is not easy as a MALAY in MALAYSIA...

To KJ, I would like to congratulate you... You are damn good... Even though you are jobless but still you manage to get loans from bank to buy shares... But, poor me, even I have job and can afford to pay the installment, still the bank do not believe me...

Of course... I'm aware that I don't have government link... Not like you, KJ... You have your stupid father in law, who is chief of government... No need to sign any paper, just take wahtever you want...

So, for the Chinese, please don't say a word about 'how lucky becomehow lucky to be PAK LAH family'...

Hamizi said...

Sorry... Typo error...

So, for the Chinese, please don't say a word about 'how lucky MALAY in MALAYSIA'... 'The lucky one must be PAK LAH family'..

The Eugenist said...

Dear Datok Ron..

It has been awhile since the last time I posted a comment on your blog. Btw, I managed to visit TDM before he left for London and he was mentioning about the IDR project and how worried he was about the implication of the project for the Malays, especially.

Btw, Datuk Ron..Pak Lah IS a very brilliant Prime Minister, no doubt about that. I think he is the brightest Prime Minister among our previous P.M. I hope he will win the coming G.E and create more problems for us, Malaysians generally..

cyberprince said...

Saudara Hamizi and Saudara Eugenist, thank you.

Hamizi: I know you are an angry young man. Not lik me an angry old man. But, your words will sound better and well received if you care to restrain your anger a bit, just a bit only.

You have not responded if I can post your comment about your difficulty in getting loan for your further studies in my blog.

Eugenist: I am glad you managed to visit TDM before he left for overseas. As for IDR, any sensible thinking Malaysians will definitely feel worried. Two nites ago I met an ex-Singapore military officer. What h said about IDR was really mind boggling. I will try to post it in this blog later.

BTW, do have any info about the possible relocation of USM Minden to Seberang Prai? Good luck.


Ruhanie Ahmad

Hamizi said...

Hamizi: I know you are an angry young man. Not like me an angry old man. But, your words will sound better and well received if you care to restrain your anger a bit, just a bit only.

You have not responded if I can post your comment about your difficulty in getting loan for your further studies in my blog.


sorry dato'... I will try to behave in the future... I am outspoken person and not a hipokrit person... maybe it get carried away even my style in writing... but I am suppose to respect the owner og the blog and not to abuse the right...

sorry again...

I have responded through my comment in k-k about the idea to post my comment about the difficulty in getting loan for your further studies in your blog.

But if you not aware, I am happy if you publish the comment.

Thank you...

cyberprince said...

Saudara Hamizi:

Thank you.

I visited your blog last night. I am least offended by that particular posting of yours. What I meant was, there is such a time when a soft approach is better. So, kill HIM softly.

Keep up the struggle for the truth. Selamat berjuang,

Salam Takzim,

Ruhanie Ahmad

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