Thursday, June 14, 2007

Alumni Objects
To UM's Relocation

PETALING JAYA, June 14 (Bernama) -- The Universiti Malaya Alumni Association has objected to any plan to relocate the university to allow its present site to be redeveloped by a private company.

Its president, Datuk Noordin Abdul Razak, said the university sat on a strategic location and was complemented by the presence of public transport services like buses and LRT which had greatly benefited the students.

He was responding to a newspaper report on Tuesday that a company had submitted a bid to develop the site and to relocate the university to Sepang.

The university management was surprised with the report and said that it would not let the university to be relocated.

June 14, 2007


I am very happy to note that Datuk Noordin Abdul Razak and his UM’s Alumni Association had objected “to any plan to relocate the university to allow its present site to be redeveloped by a private company.”

Keep it up Datuk. Your alumni is the strongest bastion to protect the UM from this latest onslaught.

So, please be pro-active and always be on the alert. Who knows someone might just bulldoze the proposed move irrespective of objections by you and the alumni! – Ruhanie Ahmad


MSAbdullah said...

I have posted some comments earlier but the system does not seem to recognise my Google Account password.
What I said was to the effect that although the proposal had been denied,we should not be complacent by that. Unless the powers that be can be convinced that the whole idea is not likely to be acceptable by a cross section of the voting public,the danger of this piece of valuable property passing to some greedy developer, cannot be totally ruled out.

cyberprince said...

Saudara MS Abdullah

Thank you.

I am sorry about the difficulty to post comment on this blog. As you are aware I am one of those "hot bloggers" in Malaysia. Everyday I am being attacked by trojen horses to make it difficult for people like you to visit my blogs. Last nite, I replied this comment of yours. But I just could not post it due to the attacks I mentioned just now.

Your concern about the UM property is already being answered by AAB. If you care to visit, the answer is there.


Ruhanie Ahmad

bestonline323 said...

"nowadays everything is possible as long as there is good "kantau". may be someday we'll see muzium negara relocated to sepang to make way for development. I guess this idea came from the people who only think about money and those who agree with the suggestion is insane too.well it happens in this administration.hope that they'll realize soon.for Guocoland why don't you go and develop sepang rather than robbing in day light.

Great post!

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