Tuesday, August 28, 2007

US Planning Sale
Of Precision Bombs
To Singapore

WASHINGTON: The US Defence Department said on Friday it was tentatively planning to sell Singapore up to 84 precision-guided bombs for its F-15 fighter fleet as part of a military package deal valued at up to USS200 million (RM700 million).

Singapore has requested up to 28 Guided Bomb Unit-10 and 56 GBU-12 precision-guided munitions along with 126.000 20mm practice round cartridges, crew training in the US and related items, the department told Congress.

"Singapore needs these munitions to support its F-15 aircraft," the Pentagon's Defence Security Co-operation Agency said in a notice required by law for a potential arms sale.

It said the bombs would give Singapore, a staunch supporter of the US military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, "a credible defence capability while avoiding the col-lateral damage associated with conventional gravity munitions".

Singapore would be able to "develop mission-ready and experienced aircrew" for Boeing Co F-15s through the latest phase of longstanding pilot training in the United States, the notice said.

The notice does not mean a deal has been concluded.

Congress retains the power to reject a proposed sale but rarely does so. — Reuters

The New Sunday Times 26 August 2007

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